Howard Alan (Al) Goodman, Ph.D., LCMHC, PSY

Ph.D. from St Mary’s University’s CACREP program in Counselor Education and Supervision
Served as President of the New Hampshire Mental Health Counselors’ Association, 2012 – 2014
Member of the New Hampshire Mental Health Coalition, 2009-2014
Gubernatorial appointment as the Mental Health Counselor representative on the New Hampshire State Board of Mental Health Practice, 2011 – 2016
Managing partner, Novus Vita Counseling, Pllc, Jan 2013 – Present
Academic professor, department chair, dean, and academic program director, 1999 - 2013
New Hampshire Mental Health Counselors’ Association Legislative Liaison, 2009 - 2012 
Retired United States Air Force Behavioral Science Officer
Supervised clinical experience at the Mexican American Unity Council, San Antonio Texas, 1993-1994

I am proud to be nominated for the position of president of AMHCA, having been an active member for more years than I can count and at both the state and national levels.  I have represented the NH Mental Health Counselors’ Association (NHMHCA) as a legislative liaison, a member of the New Hampshire Mental Health Coalition, and served as the NHMHCA president.  At the national level I have participated in a number of initiatives including meeting with federal political leaders in support of MEDICARE participation, and most recently serving as a member of the AMHCA 21st Century initiative.  I have also visited/presented on behalf of AMHCA/NHMHCA at four local universities with clinical mental health programs, all more than once, and have helped support graduate students as they begin their careers in the mental health profession.  I have remained an active advocate because I deeply believe in who we are and what we do.     

I am also very aware of the major concerns of many if not most in our field.  I understand and have fought for member priorities such as MEDICARE participation, national standardization of scope of practice, licensure portability, expanded government job opportunities, and so much more.  If elected president I will continue to work on these initiatives and given my personality, I will want, push for, and commit my time to getting results.  

Lastly, I am committed to building the organization.  Membership growth is critical to our success.  Why?  Well, simply put, there is strength in numbers.  At present our political leaders do not seem to relate to us very well.  So when we ask for something like MEDICARE participation, they feel no sense of urgency or commitment to our cause.  But it would be difficult for lawmakers to set aside AMHCA member concerns if AMHCA’s leadership could show that they speak for many thousands of counselors.  Membership matters.    

There is so much more I’d like to talk about, but I have to be brief here.  Please know that I have a clear understanding of the issues we face and the need to build on the good work of past presidents and that I have a long history of commitment and involvement in AMHCA.  The presidency is a one year position, which means there is much to do and very little time to do it.  It also means we can’t set aside the work of predecessors and hope to accomplish great things.  Yes, we each have our agendas and for example, I may concentrate more on future growth by building our graduate student membership numbers, but if we are to succeed in addressing those issues of importance to us, then we must build on the efforts of others and continue to work on addressing member concerns, so I intend to do just that.  I’ll certainly push my own agenda of membership growth and political movement, but then I also intend to shape the future of AMHCA by building on the past.    

I have 16 publications and technical papers and 17 formal presentations to my credit.  But again, for the sake of brevity I have selected the following as representative samples. 

Goodman, H. Alan & Papanikolaou, Ellen, V. A. (2016). An Integrated Model of Mental Health Care, New Hampshire Behavioral Health Conference, New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors Association, Grand Summit Resort and Conference Center, 27 October, 2016.

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