Specialist in Developmental Disability Counseling


The AMHCA Diplomate, Specialist in Developmental Disability Counseling, establishes a clinical mental health counselor standard that demonstrates qualifying expertise with this population. This standard enhances the services for people with developmental disabilities, and augments the credibility of the clinical mental health counselor in working with other specialists, state agencies, and third-party payers.

Candidates for this AMHCA Diplomate Specialist are required to be knowledgeable with the distinctive ethics and standards of practice in the treatment of people with developmental disabilities. Counselors must be committed to comply with legal, ethical, and practice standards related to this work: e.g. promotion of positive support networks, community inclusion and least restrictive environments; interdisciplinary collaboration; behavioral treatment models; adaptive equipment and environmental needs; assessment of co-occurring mental disorders; psychopharmacology, etc.

By truthfully answering the questions on this application, I attest that I have met the requirements to be considered for an AMHCA Diplomate Specialist in Developmental Disability Counseling.