Specialist in Geriatric Counseling


There is a longstanding need for increased mental health services, and service providers, in the area of clinical mental health counseling for people at the mature end of the age spectrum. Symptoms of this population can include depression, anger, withdrawal, drug and alcohol abuse, marital problems, and a wide variety of other disorders including some personality disorders. It is clear that the treatment needs of the geriatric population are best met with providers who demonstrate specific qualifications in this area.

The AMHCA Diplomate, Specialist in Geriatric Counseling establishes a clinical mental health counselor standard that demonstrates qualifying expertise with this population. Treatment must be based on evidenced based approaches that offer symptom alleviation. This standard enhances the dedicated, high quality of services for people of advanced age, and enriches the profession and status of the mental health counselor as we work with other specialists, state agencies, and third party payers.

Candidates for this AMHCA Diplomate are required to be knowledgeable with the distinctive ethics and standards of practice in the treatment of geriatric clients. Counselors must be committed to comply with the legal, ethical, and practice standards related to this work: e.g. consent to treat, confidentiality; mandated reporting; appropriate treatment facilities; referral relationships; etc.