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Earn continuing education credits from AMHCA by watching a webinar or reading the Journal of Mental Health Counseling. Browse over 20 different offerings in a variety of topics including ethics, private practice management, and more.


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AMHCA is the first association to recognize both advanced practice and professional expertise in clinical mental health counseling. See if you qualify for the AMHCA Diplomate Credential.


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    Thank you Aaron for that explanation. Very well written. I hope that will help clear up some of the confusion. Donald Gilbert MS, PhD, LMHC, BCPC Treasurer of AMHCA Past President of IMHCA President and CEO of New Life Counseling PC ...

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    I love the questions you both pose, Kim and Eric.  A thought that I have found helpful conceptually is to separate two related concepts: licensure titles and professional identity.   Licensure: As we know, various states have different verbiage for licensure, ...

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    I think Kim brings up a good point that I have been reflecting on a bit lately myself. Are all counselors clinical counselors? A related question might be, should all counselors be clinical counselors? Perhaps one more for fun, do all counselors want ...