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Our Nation's Brave Ones - Our Veterans Need Our Help

May I have your attention ( please ) for a few short minutes? I promise this will be a very quick read. You've heard that over-used and sometimes trite response people use with a military service members or veteran. Around Memorial and Veterans' Day you hear the phrase: "Thank You for your...

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Clinical Assessment vs Forensic Assessment

I conduct parent/child evaluations for our state child welfare agency and there are times when I need to testify. I am looking for people's opinions or personal experiences regarding a clinical assessment vs a forensic assessment.

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In Memory of Dr. William (Bill) Krieger

By New Mexico Mental Health Counselors Association Member Paul Fornell Dr. Krieger, a past president of the New Mexico Counseling Association, the New Mexico Clinical Mental Health Counselors Association and the American Mental Health Counselors Association, passed away on February 10, 2017...

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FMHCA's Government Relations Committee

March 20, 2017 Florida Mental Health Counselors Association Strongly Supports House Bill 273 (Richardson) and Senate Bill 258 (Clemens) These important pieces of legislation would prohibit persons who are licensed to provide professional counseling and various health practitioners from...

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The Shifting Sands of ACA Repeal and Replace

Although the House Republican Leadership Bill to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA and also known as Obamacare) has drawn a barrage of criticism – including moderate and conservative Republicans -- since it was introduced this week, the GOP House leaders intend to keep moving...

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So what's really going on?

So what's really going on? Good question. Even before the 2016 Presidential election, there's been a lot going on in terms of promises, news, ideas, proposals, prophecies, projections, and perspectives. Current technology - social media, the internet, 24 hour news, all help contribute to our...

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Blog Entry
Join My Mental Health Treatment Team

Greetings, I'm hiring a Clinical Coordinator for our Portland, Maine Area Services. This position provides counseling services to youth and families as well as clinical supervision to staff. The Clinical Coordinator works closely with an interdisciplinary team to advance clinical treatment...

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Blog Entry
Season's Greeting: The 2016 AMHCA Year End Summary

Season’s Greetings with a very heartfelt THANK YOU from AMHCA! On behalf of AMHCA, we thank everyone for their hard work in 2016 on behalf of AMHCA at the national level and state level. We have much to look forward to in 2017 as we work together to expand our capacity to...

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The #1 Accidental Cause of Death in the U.S.

The Northeast has been going through a terrible epidemic, a deadly cancer like disease, which has spread across the U.S. In 2014, Connecticut reported over 420 deaths. In 2015, New Jersey reported over 800 deaths. Did you know right now that the current leading cause of accidental death in...

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We need your 2017 Conference Proposal!

2017 American Mental Health Counselors Call for Programs Closing soon - December 16! AMHCA is a key steward of the clinical mental health counseling profession. We need our AMHCA members to proudly present their expertise, research and clinical acumen to help share and further their...

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