Western Region Representative

Jade L. H. Letourneau, PhD, LCMHC, NCC, ACS

I am a licensed clinical mental health counselor, approved clinical supervisor, and counselor educator. My experiences include working in an agency setting seeing clients with myriad presenting issues, working with adjudicated populations, and acting as a student training clinic supervisor. I hold a special place in my heart for career work, particularly exploring the effect career has on mental wellbeing. I am currently Counseling Core Faculty at University of Phoenix – Utah in Salt Lake City, where I teach individual counseling, seminar in clinical mental health, career, and group, and supervise internship and practicum students. My research interests include spirituality and religion in counseling, professional service and advocacy, and instructional theory in counselor education. 

I began my relationship with AMHCA as a student member in my master’s program at University of Southern Maine. As a doctoral student at Idaho State University, I served as the Graduate Student Committee (GSC) Western Region Liaison for two years before assuming the position of GSC Chair. I now serve as faculty advisor the GSC. This service has given me a unique perspective on the student experience, as well as the issues burgeoning mental health counselors face. I am also a board member of Utah Mental Health Counselors Association.

I see a great need for professional advocacy for mental health counselors, both nationally and regionally. If elected for this position, I intend to advocate tirelessly for mental health counselors in the Western Region. I will do this through supporting state chapters in their advocacy efforts, and staying abreast of issues affecting mental health counselors in states in which there is not an AMHCA state chapter. Advocacy areas of particular concern include licensure rules, scope of practice for mental health counselors, and parity. 

I also believe strongly in the membership power of students. Another goal, should I be elected to serve as Western Region Director, will be to promote and encourage student membership in AMHCA. I will do this by working with counselor educators in the Western Region, as well as the GSC, to educate mental health counselors-in-training on the benefits of AMHCA for their professional development. It has been my experience that involved student members become involved professional members. They are, literally and figuratively, the future of our profession. 

Finally, my ultimate goal will be to serve and support all states in the Western Region. This will be done via regular contact with state chapter leadership, and ensuring states without a chapter have a voice and representation. We are a geographically large region, and I will do my best to bring the amazing mental health counselors of the West together to advocate for and serve our profession. 

Steven Moody, PhD, LPC, NCC

I came to the counseling profession after ten years of working as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and nuclear industries.  I was looking for ways to engage with people in a meaningful way and the counseling profession’s values of wellness and prevention from a strength-based perspective resonated with my core beliefs.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Professional Counselor over the past ten years and I continue to look forward to serving the community and preparing future counselors and counselor educators to move our professional vision forward.    

  • Professional Counselor since 2007
  • Full-time faculty member since 2012
  • Owner of Steven J. Moody Counseling and Consulting, LLC since 2016

My active involvement in AMHCA and IMHCA stems from my desire to advocate for the counseling profession and those we serve.  I began serving in my state chapter over eight years ago and value the connections I have made over this time.  This association has provided me an avenue to connect and serve in ways that would not be possible otherwise.      

  • Current Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association president
  • Member of AMHCA and IMHCA
  • Attended the 2016 AMHCA national conference in New Orleans 

My overarching goal, if elected, is to strengthen the mental health counseling profession across the region.  Counselors are at the front lines of many mental health concerns impacting the region.  My desire is to help AMHCA and state chapters coordinate efforts in ways that our profession can drive policies to best serve those we counsel.  I would like to continue upon the work of our current Western Representative to:

  • Foster connections within the region and with AMHCA as a whole
  • Promote public policy and legislative strength across the region
  • Build student involvement within the region  

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