Angele Moss-Baker, LPC, LMFT, MAC, EAS-C, DCMHS

As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, I possess over 25 years of experience providing mental health and substance abuse treatment services to youth and adults. I have worked in various positions and work settings to include 15 years of private practice, government agencies, managed care, and public mental health and substance abuse treatment settings. Professional experience has developed a seasoned clinical mental health specialist with a specialty in integrated treatment practices for co-occurring behavioral health disorders, and curriculum development. I have recognition as a national trainer, committed to providing cross-training to behavioral health professionals on integrated treatment, co-occurring disorders, trauma and other health and wellness topics.

I have been an active AMHCA Member since approximately 2010, and an active member and Officer of the DCMHCA. I have served two terms as President, DCMHCA and presently the current past president. I also serve on the AMHCA Diplomate Committee, and the AMHCA’s 2017 Annual Conference Committee and Public Awareness Committee. I hold the DCMHS in Substance Abuse & Co-Occurring Disorders. I have been a Presenter at several AMHCA Annual Conferences and published in the February 2017 edition of The Advocate and recipient of the 2016 Dr. Linda Seligman Counselor Educator of the Year Award.

I am a member of professional organizations, such as, National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC), Employee Assistance Professional association (EAPA), American Counseling Association (ACA).

The AMHCA mission is very professionally and personally meaningful to me. I have dedicated my life’s work to mental health and am concerned that licensed clinical counselors are being left out. We need to work together, to advocate for our profession and mental health services and continue to have a strong lobby.

AMHCA has a proven record of advocacy and good stewardship and I’m proud member of our association, our profession and wish to continue to help. I will use my leadership and public speaking skills and my natural knack for organization and planning to be on the team to help further our AMHCA mission. As I enjoy teaching, training and helping as a subject matter expert in co-occurring disorders, I will use my calm demeanor, my talents and problem solving skills to work hard for my AMHCA colleagues and AMHCA.

I have truly enjoyed my roles with AMHCA’s Washington D.C. Chapter as committee and Board member and recently Chapter President. AMHCA serves such an important mission for clinical mental health counselors and as an advocate for mental healthcare. I will use my life skills and work experience to assist and advance our AMHCA mission as your Director At Large by addressing public awareness, and chapter needs. I am motivated to help and will use my breadth of experience in leadership and management to serve you on the AMHCA Board. My work, background and experience as a clinician, manager, director and teacher gives me a broad and diverse perspective. I manage my calendar and am flexible and motivated to commit my time and energy to AMHCA. My involvement and work on AMHCA committees has motivated and prepared me to continue to “roll up my sleeves to do, help, plan, advocate, teach, and pull people together to make things work”.