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  • On September 21, the House Ways and Means Committee held a markup that included the Mental Health Access Improvement Act (H.R. 432) .  Here is a link to the markup of the Ways and Means Committee: https://waysandmeans.house.gov/legislation/markups/markup-worker-and-family-support-and-health-legislation read more

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    The recent overturning of Roe V Wade has majorly impacted many people and CMHCs throughout the United States. We respect that the recent ruling can contribute to people feeling concerned for the future read more

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    Awesome John…thanks! Have a great weekend

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    Call the DOH and ask for the Program Manager (Brandon Williams?) They will give you his email address. He answers within 24-48 hours. I have seen the statistics, ...

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    Hello Rachel, I apologize that you didn't receive a follow up. I've connected with Rebecca Woodson to check up on these. From what we can tell, it looks ...

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    Thanks Bridgett, That’s on my list to do, but I know it won’t be easy, so hoping someone here might have it or know who might. Thanks, Dan

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    Hi Daniel, Maybe DOH would have stats? ------------------------------ Bridgett Pines ------------------------------

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