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Medicare Advocacy Shifts to Senate

The House released its fifth COVID-19 relief package on Tuesday and counselor Medicare language was not included. While this is a setback, we still have the opportunity to pass of our legislation. At the direction of our congressional champions, AMHCA is now shifting our grassroots advocacy to the Senate. We are urging counselors to take up the charge and contact your Senator to add S. 286 into its COVID-19 package. The Senate timeline is unclear, but they appear on a slower track than the House so there remains time to influence the process.

We will not be included in the Senate COVID legislation if U.S. Senators don’t hear from you about the importance of S. 286. We urge you to contact your two Senators and ask them to include our Medicare bill in their stimulus package. Read More

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    President Trump signed Economic Stimulus Package 3.5 into law on April 24, as the unemployment crisis deepened, a stark illustration ...

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    On March 28, Governor Gary Herbert signed SB 68, which modifies the clinical mental health counselor licensure requirements. ...

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Our Vibrant Community

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    HI, Eric.  I think you will find this resource helpful.  We posted it a ways back, and some of my interns have found it helpful in conducting some telehealth ...

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    Latest update on COVID-19 resources for counselors and clients: Resources for Counselors Singer/songwriter David Archuleta filmed this heart-warming ...

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    Therapy Games Online

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    Searching for games, preferably  therapeutic in nature, that can be used while conducting Telehealth  therapy with children and teens. Be safe and be well. ...

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    Thank you Leslie! ------------------------------ Jeff Pickett 18134861524 ------------------------------

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