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Tremendous Growth Expected for the Counseling Profession: How ACA is Preparing the Counselors of Tomorrow

The ACA 2020 Conference & Expo promises to support the preparedness of professional counselors, helping you to meet the growing need for mental health treatment services

During the coming decade, the counseling profession is expected to grow at a much faster-than-average rate, according to a 2019 U.S. Department of Labor report. The strongest growth is expected among substance abuse, behavioral disorder and mental health counselors (22%) and marriage and family therapists (22%). The ACA 2020 Conference & Expo promises to support the preparedness of counselors to meet the growing need. Read More

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    Each president of AMHCA has an opportunity to select a location and plan a trip during their commitment to the office (President-elect, ...

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    Have you ever heard of Taxi Magic ? I doubt it. But I know for a fact you’ve heard of Uber—which is essentially the ...

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    Great thinking ahead! I am following this thread. ------------------------------ Courtney Ackerson, LMHC Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association  ...

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    Hi Vanessa. It's probably a good idea to think ahead about how to handle our work if the coronavirus leads to quarantine. Telemedicine is certainly ...

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    Hi, Vanessa, Great question. I think this is on many minds. We use TherapyPlatform and have had good luck with it for telehealth. I recommend Roy Huggins ...

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    The CDC has just asked all Americans to start planning for the COVID-19 virus to arrive in their communities. So I've been thinking through is what I need ...

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    Oh, hey, HPSO does NOT require ACA membership of counselors!  Any qualified counselor can get policies through them.  I don't know if they require independent ...

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