AMHCA Standards

The "AMHCA Standards" Bridge Professional Expectations with Clinical Practice

"AMHCA Standards" is a living document that is updated on a continuing basis by AMHCA's Advancement for Clinical Practice Committee to meet the needs of the public and the profession. In addition to standards of practice, it includes training and supervision standards.

New in the 2023 edition:
The need is expanding for mental health professionals who have advanced, postgraduate training and experience in treating populations with special needs. AMHCA’s Advancement for Clinical Practice Committee (ACPC) has been at the forefront of identifying the knowledge and skills required for members of the clinical mental health counseling profession to become specialists.

The AMHCA board and the ACPC have included two new standards in the 2023 edition:

  • Affectional Identity Counseling

Other need-based competencies that have been identified as future standards are under development and  include:

  • Military Counseling,
  • Couples and Family Counseling, and
  • Developmental and Learning Disabilities Counseling