Essentials of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession


Essentials of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession

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An exclusive outlook: “Essentials of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession” offers an inside view of a profession that makes a unique impact on improving wellness and well-being. With the public’s growing awareness that physical wellness is integrated with mental and emotional well-being, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors are distinctly effective in contributing to overall health.

LCMHCs are licensed to diagnose and treat mental disorders. They resolve depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use and other compulsive behaviors, and other psychological conditions. Because of their holistic view of individuals and families, these mental health professionals offer evidence-based approaches to achieve greater levels of resilience and life satisfaction.

"Essentials" is organized into two main sections, with seven chapters:

  1. What Distinguishes Licensed Clinical mental Health Counselors From Other Mental Health Professionals?
  2. The Fundamental Documents of the Profession
  3. Career Guidance and the Five Phases of Professional Development for Clinical Mental Health Counselors
  4. History of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession
  5. The Future of the Profession
  6. The American Mental Health Counselors Association
  7. Other Organizations and Associations Related to Counseling

In addition, the book includes several appendices, each containing an unabridged version of the profession's fundamental documents: it's mission and vision statements, "AMHCA Standards," "Code of Ethics," Statement on Conversion Therapy, Clinical Supervision Disclosure Template, Ethical Decision-Making Model, and The Clinical Mental Health Declaration.

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Pages: 155 | Publisher: American Mental Health Counselors Association | Format: Paperback and Kindle eBook | Release Date: March 2020 | Chapters: 7 | Language: English |ISBN: 978-0-578-65058-6 | Genre: Reference | Target Audience: Anyone who would like to gain a greater understanding of the clinical mental health counseling profession.

Review of 'Essentials'

Chi Sigma Iota is the international honor society of professional counseling and for professional counselorsChi Sigma Iota's Erik Messinger and Maddi Vaughters review AMHCA's textbook the 'Essentials'. 

"...This book serves as resource that outlines not only the core values of the counseling profession; but also discusses the structure and ways the organization can assist and facilitate growth for clinical mental health counselors. Within this text lies the groundwork for students just starting in their graduate programs to help grow in their careers. For the more seasoned professional, this book offers a pathway to achieve various levels of professional development within AMHCA. "

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The American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) was established to support those who were engaged in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This primary function of AMHCA has continued since 1976 without pause. While there are other associations that represent mental health professionals, since its inception, AMHCA has fully focused on the advancement of the profession of Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The mission and vision of AMHCA promote the advocacy of enhanced mental and emotional well-being for all through effective public policy and other initiatives that address integrated behavioral health. To learn more about AMHCA go to