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AMHCA General Program Fund

The AMHCA General Program Fund is a great place to contribute to our organization! By contributing to the general fund our organization is able to to continue its mission. You're helping ensure our work continues and we will be able to add more programs education tools.


Help keep our advocacy efforts strong and enhance the profession of clinical mental health counseling through advocacy, education and collaboration.


Donald Mattson Scholarship

This scholarship is Intended to honor student members who exemplify the ideal mental health counseling student through outstanding scholastic and academic performance, outstanding counseling practice or outstanding writing contributions to the field of mental health counseling

Dissertation Research Award

The AMHCA Foundation bestows this dissertation research scholarship to defray the research cost of doctoral students in accredited counseling programs.

Travel Scholarship

The AMHCA Foundation bestows this travel scholarship to assist graduate students with the travel cost to attend the annual conference.