Midwest Region Director

James Blundo


I have dedicated my career to the counseling profession. As a former president of AMHCA I know the regional and national needs of counselors. I have several ideas to increase membership and innovative ideas to consider. As an Association we should be at least 50,000 strong. Instead we are less than 7000 members. I am ready to help change this.

My presentation at the AMHCA Leadership Conference spells out my expertise. The breakout session was titled “The Michigan Model” It is a guide to develop a strong and viable state association. The states need to be promoted and developed if we are to spread our sphere of influence. I want to share my many years of experience both as a private practice counselor and as the founder, president, and now Executive Director of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association.

Forty years of experience as a counselor

Thirty-five years in private practice

Former school counselor, Co-Director of a Substance Abuse Program

Therapist in an Out-Patient Psychiatric Clinic

Specialize in the treatment of couples, teenagers, 20-somethings, pioneered the treatment of trauma survivors using Reattachment Therapy. I am the co-founder of Reattachment Therapy, Expert in the education and treatment of Adult Children of Alcoholics

Executive Director of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association

Founder (1983) of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association (MMHCA)

Provide organizational development consulting services to nonprofits, and health related corporations

Created the “Michigan Model” for mental health counselors to develop their state associations.

Created the “Bridging Initiative” designed for students to transition from student to MMHCA member.

Helped lead the passage of the Michigan LPC license 1989

Provided testimony and legislation for MMHCA through our retained lobbyist to protect our license and oppose legislation that would negatively affect our ability to practice.

Negotiated with Blue Cross to gain direct reimbursement for LPC’s

Worked with government agencies to create greater access to state mental health services

Helped to have Senator Stabenow on getting mental health Parity and including LPC’s in the Medicare inclusion legislation being considered presently

Consult regularly with NBCC legal department on difficult licensing issue in Michigan.

Hold or host a variety of workshops for Counselors and Social Workers across the State of Michigan:
Human Trafficking, DSM5. Private Practice, Ethics, Legal Issues for Counselors, BCBSM Reimbursement, Unintended Self Sabotage, Trauma Recovery, Life Coaching, Integrated Care

• President of the American Mental Health Counselors Association 2004-05
• Represented AMHCA on the ACA Governing Council 2005-08

Make Counselors the gold standard in treatment delivery.
Increase regional involvement in the expansion of AMHCA membership.
Advance the Mission and Vision of Mental Health Counseling
Create a living wage for all counselors

Volunteer Experiences
Founded: “Five Star Connection” Social and dance club for 55 yrs and up, and provide educational programs for seniors

Founded: Rochester Outreach For Kids “ROCKit” Provide winter coats, reading programs, little libraries, clothes, bicycle helmets, prom dresses It’s all for kids in need.

Ambassador for Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce. Ribbon cutting and local events.