Past President

H. Alan Goodman

I am proud to be president of AMHCA, having been an active member for more years than I can count and at both the state and national levels. I have represented the NH Mental Health Counselors’ Association (NHMHCA) as a legislative liaison, a member of the New Hampshire Mental Health Coalition, and served as the NHMHCA president. At the national level I have participated in a number of initiatives including meeting with federal political leaders in support of MEDICARE participation, and most recently serving as a member of the AMHCA 21st Century initiative. I have also visited/presented on behalf of AMHCA/NHMHCA at four local universities with clinical mental health programs, all more than once, and have helped support graduate students as they begin their careers in the mental health profession. I have remained an active advocate because I deeply believe in who we are and what we do.