Past President

Angele Moss-Baker


Professional Experience
Angele Moss-Baker is the owner of Comprehensive Addiction & Psychological Services LLC located in Washington DC. Angele is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Master Addiction Counselor, Employee Assistance Counselor-C, and holds the Diplomate, Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders. She has over 25 years of experience providing behavioral health treatment services to diverse populations. Angele is dedicated to the counseling professional and the advancement of LPCs.

Association Experience
I have been an active member of AMHCA as well as an active member of the DCMHCA. I am currently past president of the DCMHCA, Chairperson for the State Chapter Relations Committee, active member of the Diplomate Committee and the 2018 and 2019 Annual Conference Committee. With each opportunity, I have attained professional advancement as well as collaborative leadership solicitous communication skills. My professional development and sense of leadership has equipped me to be an ideal candidate for position of President-Elect.

Now that you have a glimpse into who I am let me tell you why I am the person for the position of President-Elect. This position yields a wide range of responsibilities, and initially, I was a bit reluctant to “throw my hat into the ring.” However, AMHCA highlights the value of seeking diverse leadership, defined by race, ethnicity, gender, etc., in addition to someone with expertise in the field, commitment, collaborator, and strategic thinking. Well, for these reasons, I confidently proclaim…THAT’S ME!

As President-Elect, the impact of any accomplishments will take on a new meaning when it comes to addressing YOUR needs for the advancement of AMHCA.  As president-elect, I seek to unify our membership through kindness and inclusion, to bridge the communication gap, and identify committed members to serve on committee to enhance the growth of our profession. I will continue to advocate for reciprocity and legislative initiatives for LPC. As president-elect, I will listen and serve as your liaison to open doors and make tough decisions for the enrichment of AMHCA its membership as a whole.

Awards and Honors
2016 Linda Selignman Counselor Educator of the Year
Author, Advocate February 2017