Past President



Please accept my submission for consideration for President Elect with AMHCA. I have worked in the mental health field since 1999 earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2006 and completing a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision in 2016. My professional experience includes working with various treatment modalities including inpatient, outpatient, residential, and forensic treatment. Through these various experiences I have worked with adults and children living with co-occurring disorders. As I specialize in transgender clinical mental health counseling, I have directed several clinics for services for LGBTQIA+ populations requiring ongoing community advocacy, education, and connection to services. My clinical experience has contributed to further growth as a Director of Operations for the Westchester Medical Center and Whiting Maximum Security Forensic Hospital. I have worked as an educator for various clinical mental health counseling programs as well as substance use programs since 2010. I am currently a full time Associate Professor at the University of Bridgeport. In every position, I advocate for social justice issues to enhance equitable clinical treatment, to build community connections, and to assist marginalized populations with having direct feedback to community health related issues.


I have participated in various state conferences, regional conferences, and national conferences. I am a member of AMHCA’s Credentialing and Certification Board and have served since 2019 where we have worked to formally recognize clinical specializations. I have also served on a joint taskforce between AMHCA and NAADAC (the Association for Addictions Professionals) to improve education, support, and resources for clinicians working with those living with co-occurring disorders. I have provided several publications for the AMHCA Advocate.


  • Advocate for connection to services for marginalized populations enduring systemic oppression and generational trauma.
  • Enhance connection between AMHCA and other national organizations to improve access to clinical tools for CMHCs and improve overall quality of treatment.
  • Improve connection between AMHCA and state counseling chapters to enhance communication, advocate for portability, and identify the local needs of those being served.


  • Connecticut Counseling Association: Human Services Award 2020
  • Purdue Global University: Diversity and Inclusion Award 2019
  • AMHCA: Outstanding Article in The Advocate Magazine 2018
  • New York Medical College- Teacher of the Year 2018
  • TD Bank Business Ally Award: Exemplary commitment and support of the LGBT community 2017
  • New York Medical College- Senior Class Teacher of the Year 2016
  • New York Medical College- Teacher of the Year 2015


  • Training to local mental health agencies across CT and NY regarding creating an affirming treatment environment for LGBTQIA+ populations. Additional specialized training regarding mental health treatment of transgender clients. Free trainings to companies within the WNY area for substance use counselors to enhance Motivational Interviewing skills.
  • The Connecticut Counseling Association: Summer 2020, virtual check in host.
  • The American Mental Health Counselors Association and The Association for Addictions Professionals (NAADAC), build co-occurring resources for both clinical mental health and substance use counselors.
  • The Therapeutic Speakeasy Quarterly: Article reviewer, coordinator of outreach.
  • The American Mental Health Counselors Association: Review diplomate applications.


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