North Atlantic Region Director

Ellen Papanikulaou


 I have worked diligently to be an active member of both my state and national associations.  Over the years I have worked closely with the North Atlantic Regional Director on initiatives that are important to our profession such as Medicare Reimbursement and Portability.  I am committed to continuing these efforts as well as identifying and supporting the concerns of states within the region I would be serving.  My goal is to increase communication throughout the region and thereby enhance our standing with the national organization.  I am deeply committed to our profession and have a passion for the profession as well as you, the members of our national association. 

As an extraordinarily active member for over 20 years I have attended numerous legislative meetings with senators, congressmen and women, and other elected officials to continue working towards integration of care, improved insurance reimbursement as well as the overall integrity and name recognition of our profession.  I have also supported the AMHCA through academic outreach and presentations at universities and colleges statewide.