Patty Cates

I was fortunate to spend first 10 years of my career with the National Board for Certified Counselors in Accounting and Finance (NBCC). In September 2013, she returned to NBCC and Affiliates as Vice President for the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). With CCE, I have had the honor of leading efforts in the following: a) improve testing for licensure in counseling – we now test in using the largest network available in the industry and use industry-leading exam security measures; b) promote quality supervision in behavioral health with our Approved Clinical Supervisor Credential (ACS) which is now mentioned in the laws of at least 14 states; c) encourage the growth of mental health, career development and coaching in 14 countries; d) support quality management services to counseling licensure boards and other behavioral health organizations at the state and national level.

I enjoy using good business practices to help not-for-profit organizations to not only meet their operational goals but flourish in their given roles. Through my work with NBCC, I have been involved with clinical mental health for years. The work is life changing for your clients and their families. I would be honored to help AMHCA further its goals through good fiscal stewardship.